Today, we are excited to announce a significant new development in the growth of SToFU Systems - the commencement of our cooperation within the AUTOSAR automotive alliance with car manufacturers! This step marks a significant achievement for us as we contribute to the future of the automotive industry. Specializing in low-level development, systems programming, and ML/AI integration, SToFU Systems will now play a role in developing and implementing innovative solutions within the AUTOSAR standard!

We are confident that our collaboration will bring forth new technological solutions that will make the automotive industry more innovative and sustainable. Our team of professionals is ready to take on new challenges and develop cutting-edge solutions that meet high standards of quality and safety.

We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the AUTOSAR alliance and are open to proposals for new projects and initiatives in the field of AUTOSAR. Together, we can achieve outstanding results and open new horizons in the world of automobile manufacturing!