«First of all, son, I want you to have your own character, and not be a smeared, semolina porridge for the toothless. Strengthen it constantly, do not lost your will in the face of circumstances. Because you are, first of all, your will (wish, goal, stubbornness). And the will becomes stronger in overcoming obstacles» © Vasyl Stus

In the golden lands of Ukraine, where warriors' spirits dwell,
A tale of mighty heroes, a saga we will now tell.
With valor and with honor, their blades gleaming bright,
Ukrainian warriors stood tall, prepared to face the fight.

In the first light of dawn, their war cries rent the air,
As shields clashed and swords clashed, a symphony of warfare.
With strength and skill, they fought as one,
Defending their homeland until the battle was won.

The Battle of the Golden Fields, where the sun kissed the land,
Ukrainian warriors took their stand.
Against the tyrants' might, they waged a desperate war,
Their spirits unbroken, their resolve forevermore.

Through rivers and valleys, they pressed on with pride,
Ukrainian warriors, in whom hope did reside.
They faced countless perils, both seen and unseen,
Their spirits unyielding, their hearts evergreen.

In the final battle, they stood strong and tall,
Against the darkness that sought to befall.
With united strength and unwavering might,
They triumphed over evil, banishing the night.

Their legacy lives on, in the hearts of their kin,
Their story forever etched, as the tales begin.
Ukrainian warriors, brave and true,
Their saga sung by bards, for generations anew.

For in their courage and honor, we find our own,
Their saga, a reminder, in our hearts, it is sown.
The epic saga of Ukrainian warriors, strong and brave,
Their legend forever cherished, their memory we shall engrave.

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