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Junior Sales Manager Remote
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SToFU. More than just a Job

    Our company's success is fueled by our team's strength and unity. We create products and cultivate people, helping each member enhance their unique skills. Joining us means becoming part of a community that values you. Here's what our team offers:

●   Time Respect: Your schedule is yours to manage.
●   Project Freedom: Choose projects aligning with your passions.
●   Health Coverage: We provide medical insurance, prioritizing your well-being.
●   Flexible Hours: We promote creativity through flexible work schedules.
●   Sport Support: We back your healthy lifestyle choices.
●   Creative Holidays: Our unique holidays recharge your creativity.
●   Dynamic Culture: Our corporate culture celebrates diversity, innovation, and unity.

    Join us for a journey of personal growth, creativity, and impactful contributions. Be part of our story.

SToFU benefits

Interesting high-tech projects

We work with interesting high-tech projects that often require a non-trivial approach and non-standard solutions.You will be required to be able to think, look at task from different ponts of view, make decisions, and put them into practice.

Friendly team

We care about the friendly atmosphere within the teams. Our teammates are always happy to help, give detailed answers to questions, integrate a newcomer into the team.

Free courses and trainings

We care about the constant improvement of our teammates' knowledge and skills. For our teams we provide courses, trainings, payment for participation in conferences.

Competitive salary

We care about a decent salary and extended social package for our teammates. We regularly revise the rates depending on the performance and skills of teammate. It is important for us that every member of our team feels comfortable.

Corporate Events

We will be glad to see you at corporate parties, hikes, bike rides, joint sports trainings, games and other events!

Mentoring Program

We assign a mentor for each new teammate, in order to provide better integration into the project, upgrade knowledge and improve skills.

Life at SToFU

In realms where passion doth unite,
A team of heroes gathers bright.
Their prowess bound by ardor's flame,
As SToFU, they find their fame.

In every soul, a strength they see,
Assembled in grand harmony.
Each member's worth, with pride they hold,
A tapestry of skills, unfold.

In SToFU's halls, a caring thrives,
A brotherhood where kindness strives.
Their noble hearts, a beacon true,
A testament to all they do.

With friendly gaze, they forge ahead,
Their spirit's fire, a path they tread.
This tale of triumph, joy, and grace,
In epic verse, their deeds we trace

We fully support all activities of our employees related to sports, hobbies and outdoor activities. We work for life, we care about work-life balance of our teammates. We work and help our team members to be happier and healthier.

Join us!

Are you the kind of person who thrives on ambition and innovation? Are you constantly seeking out better ways to get the job done? Well then, you'll fit right in with us!

We're a team of diverse and talented individuals, and we're always excited to welcome new teammates who can bring their own unique visions, skills, and insights to the table. So if you're ready to join a group of dynamic, forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about making a difference, then we're ready to welcome you with open arms. Let's rock this world together!

Let's rock this world together!