We are seeking a highly skilled C++ Specialist to join our international team.

Required Skills

●   Strong C++ (14/17) development skills in a professional environment.
●   Deep technical knowledge of current software design practices, including modularity, object-oriented design, multi-threaded applications, interface design, localization, portability, extensibility, and testability.
●   Proficiency in STL and Boost libraries.
●   Experience with unit testing frameworks, specifically GTest.
●   3+ years of experience in software development.

Preferred Skills

●   Experience with Qt UI framework on Windows Platform.
●   Experience in automation environments, from software to general safety practices.

We offer

●   Collaboration with Industry Experts: Engage with top-tier developers, explore innovative approaches, and stay updated with cutting-edge technologies.
●   Flexible Working Hours: Our working hours may vary depending on the project and client, but we are always open to discussing time options that best suit your lifestyle.
●   100% Remote Work: Embrace the future of work with our fully remote positions.
●   Competitive Salary and Bonuses: We offer a competitive salary and a bonus system that rewards your hard work.
●   Professional Development and Training: We provide opportunities for professional growth and learning.

We are not just developers, we are the architects of the future, the harbingers of the digital dawn. Join us as we continue to unravel the mysteries of technology, and together, let’s shape the future! Please send your resume and cover letter.

Please, send your CV to our email: cv@stofu.io