We are on the lookout for seasoned developers to join us in a long-term collaboration on a fintech project. This project is unique as it marries the cutting-edge fields of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Required Skills

The ideal candidate should possess:

●   A rich experience of over 5 years in Python programming, showcasing your ability to weave complex codes seamlessly.
●   A degree in computer science or a related field, reflecting your strong foundation in technical knowledge.
●   A deep understanding of architectural paradigms and design patterns, demonstrating your ability to structure and design robust systems.
●   Hands-on experience with distributed systems, indicating your ability to work with complex, large-scale systems.
●   Proficiency in AI/ML algorithms and libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-learn, showcasing your expertise in the realm of artificial intelligence.
●   A solid grasp of cybersecurity principles and practices, highlighting your commitment to safeguarding systems against threats.
●   Mastery over RESTful APIs, Django, Django REST, Celery, FastAPI, and Flask, reflecting your diverse technical skills.
●   Experience with relational database systems such as PostgreSQL and Redis, demonstrating your ability to handle and manipulate data effectively.
●   Proficiency in Git, React, AioHttp, and Vue.js, showcasing your front-end development skills.

Desirable Skills

While not mandatory, the following skills will make your application stand out:

●   Familiarity with Numpy and Pandas, indicating your ability to handle numerical computations and data analysis.
●   Experience with Docker and Kubernetes, showcasing your skills in containerization and orchestration.
●   Knowledge of Elasticsearch, reflecting your ability to work with search and analytics engines.
●   Experience with AI/ML platforms such as Keras and Jupyter Notebook, demonstrating your ability to develop and deploy machine learning models.
●   Certifications in cybersecurity such as CISSP or CISM, highlighting your specialized knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

If you are passionate about artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and have a knack for developing innovative solutions in the fintech space, we would be delighted to consider your application. Please send your resume and cover letter.

Please, send your CV to our email: cv@stofu.io