We are seeking a Senior Project Manager. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in managing complex projects and leading teams to success.


●   Plan and implement projects.
●   Help define project scope, goals, and deliverables.
●   Define tasks and required resources.
●   Allocate project resources.
●   Create schedule and project timeline.
●   Monitor and report on project progress.
●   Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs.
●   Evaluate and assess the result of the project.


●   Proven experience as a Project Manager or similar role.
●   Proficiency in project management software tools.
●   Understanding of the latest trends in project management, including:
         ○   Constantly changing digital tools and technology.
         ○   Hybrid project management methodologies.
         ○   Focus on developing soft skills.
         ○   Preferences for remote and contract work.
         ○   Laser focus on data.
●   Excellent communication skills with a customer service attitude.
●   Strong leadership and organizational skills.
●   Proficiency in English sufficient for communicating with clients and collaborating with an international team.

We offer

●   Working in a team of professionals.
●   Remote work with a flexible schedule.
●   Competitive salary.
●   Opportunities for professional and career growth.

If you are passionate about project management and have a knack for leading teams and managing complex projects, we would be delighted to consider your application. Please send your resume and cover letter.

Please, send your CV to our email: cv@stofu.io