Required skills

●   Basic knowledges in C++.
●   Basic knowledges in Visual Studio.
●   Basic knowledges in code debugging.
●   Basic knowledges in Windows internals (need to know what is registry, what is .bat file, what is process).
●   Basic knowledges in any script or pseudo-script language (sh, bat, etc.).
●   Significant desire to learn new things.
●   Ability to find non-superficial solutions.
●   Tenacity.

As a plus

●   Any C++ code the student wants to show.
●   Any completed study or home project.

We offer

●   Good mentoring system.
●   Flexible working hours.
●   Fully remote collaboration.
●   All required courses and participation in conferences are paid by the company.


●   Study, study and study again! =)

In our small friendly team we are looking for a developer who, just like us, is interested in network security, it-security, the industry of firewalls and antivirus solutions and who will be able to complement our friendly team.

We are looking for a person for long-term cooperation.

Please, send your CV to our email: cv@stofu.io