We are the experienced team who helps companies and research institutes in the areas of low-level, system, kernel and embedded development, machine learning and artificial intelligence, reverse engineering and cybersecurity.

In this age, as mysteries shroud the land,
Fearless sages, we rise, with wisdom in hand.
The incomprehensible we tame, to understanding we bring,
The complex knots of knowledge, we eagerly seek.

From modest seeds, we cultivate grand designs,
Minimal elements, transformed, through creative confines.
A full-fledged product, birthed from humble beginnings,
The testament of our work, where art and knowledge are winning.

Behold the Ode to Insight, where we proudly stand,
To make the elusive lucid, in this ever-changing land!

We offer the following services:

●   Software engineering
●   Low-level and Kernel Development
●   Low-level and Algorithmic code optimization
●   Research and Reverse Engineering
●   Software exploitation testing
●   Software protection and obfuscation
●   Cybersecurity Services
●   ML/AI development and integration
●   QA & Testing
●   Maintenance & support

Contact us to learn more about what we can do and how we can assist you. Let's work together!

Our principles


We are proactive. We offer visions, solutions, ways of implementation, consider the tasks proposed to us from the point of view of pros and cons, identify possible weaknesses in solutions and propose ways to solve them.


We strive to achieve synergy in all areas. A solution is more than the sum of its modules. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. A team is more than the sum of its members.


Our philosophy of simplicity and minimalism is aimed at creating simple, minimalistic, stable and pleasant solutions that are easy to understand, configure, integrate and upgrade.

Initial quality

The final quality of a product depends on the quality at all levels of development. If we do something, we do it qualitatively from the beginning.


We care about the ecology of projects and the teams. It is important to us that our work processes bring joy and pleasure to our teammates and partners.


We are very attentive to hiring and training teammates. An ongoing process of training, improving the knowledge and skills of our teammates, regular checkpoints, courses.


We hire and care experienced specialists who deep understand of the industry, anticipate potential problems, effectively solve complex problems and can be a valuable resource for your project.


Where necessary, we like to use the latest proven technological advances in the industry, which helps to obtain the most stable and high-quality solutions and minimize the cost of the project.


We love to communicate with other teams and be involved in the development process. We can be your independent development team or a major enhancement to an existing team.

Focus on result

We always focus on the final results in the process of performing tasks. Any new inputs, tasks, circumstances are considered in terms of usefulness for the final results.


We care about the friendly atmosphere within the teams. Our teammates are always happy to help, give detailed answers to questions, integrate a newcomer into the team.


We provide warranties on our solutions. Within the warranty period we provide extended consultations and bugfixes if necessary.

Our team is a powerful backbone and the key to the success!

In union we shall rise, our fates entwined,
To claim the vict'ry as our sacred prize.
Assembled here, a fellowship of might,
Together we shall bring forth glorious light.

Our team, the bastion of strength and will,
Shall strive and conquer, scaling ev'ry hill.
The key to triumph lies in this brave crew,
In unity, we forge a bond anew!